Hockey – Full Time Asian Handicap Under Goals Stats Guide


Hockey – Full Time Asian Handicap Under Goals Stats Guide

Hockey – Full Time Asian Handicap Under Goals betting and trading markets are not considered to be a very popular option for punters and traders. Firstly, if you are a hockey fan and bet on the AH goals markets you would rather want to watch a match with plenty of goals, so backing the under AH lines would be contrary to those beliefs. Secondary, if you ask punters and traders about under/over lines betting, most of them will tell that they simply can’t back the under goals lines. Why? Because you have to wait until the full time for the outcome to be won and if they watch the game live, the late goals will usually mean bets being lost. They would rather back the over goals lines and enjoy some winners before the match finishes and experience many great matches with last minute winners for their bets.

At the same time, the majority of punters and traders who rely on their emotions, are not successful in the long-term.  If you are an aspiring bettor or trader, you simply can’t afford to overlook the under goals lines markets. These hockey FT AH Under Goals stats are your starting point.


The hockey under/over Asian Handicap goals lines are not the same every time and will differ depending on fixtures, competitions, countries etc. That fact makes it extra difficult when it comes to calculating stats. However, we believe that we have a good statistical model for the Hockey FT Under AH Goals markets.


Let’s have a look at the TOP 1 stats from our table – AHL match between Utica Comets and Rochester Americans. How do we calculate the stats when the under/over lines are likely to be different sometimes? Please refer to the image below:


For every single team’s last 20 matches (in this case, it’s Utica Comets) we check for the Evens odds under/over line and record the under and over results. We can see that the AH under/over lines for Utica’s matches has been pretty consistent (5.5 goals). However, this is not the case very often. You can also spot the single 4.5 goals line and one missing line (e.g. bookies have not priced it up for some reason). In that case, we simply use the current line (5.5 goals) for our stats calculations.

The rest is very straightforward and the stats from the tables stand for the following:

HL20 – 55% means that 55% of Utica’s last 20 matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (11/20 matches)

HL10H – 40% means that 40% of Utica’s last 10 home matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (4/10 matches)

HL6 – 50% means that 50% of Utica’s last 6 matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (5/6 matches)

AL20 – 80% means that 80% of Rochester’s last 20 matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (16/20 matches)

AL10A – 90% means that 90% of Rochester’s last 10 away matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (9/10 matches)

AL6 – 83% means that 83.33% of Rochester’s last 6 matches finished in Under AH Goals Line (5/6 matches)

AVG – 66% is the average for all the 6 stats factors above.

H2H No –  8 head to head meetings between these two teams (excluding friendlies)

H2H % – 75% means that 75% out of those last 8 matches finished Under AH Goals Line (6/8 matches)

There are also the odds for Under AH Goals Line – Under 5.5 goals @ 1.78. These odds were available at the time of downloading the fixtures.

You can compare the odds at different bookmakers at

There you go. 1XBet offered 1.80 for Under 5.5 FT goals. This match finished 2:2 (3:2 after penalties) and resulted in a nice win! That was based only on stats though.

So we have a good looking match based on stats – it’s a great starting point. But this is where the more important work begins if you are serious about betting and trading.

Further Analysis

Professional betting and trading consist of both statistical and qualitative analyses. The stats bits has been done for you and it leaves you the second part of the puzzle.

Once you have your best Under Goals statistical selections shortlisted you will need to consider odds (you will need to learn to spot value and poor odds) and look at a few non-statistical factors:

  1. Team’s News – look for any information about injuries or resting of key players.
  2. Team’s Morale – check for any negative news in press from the dressing rooms (e.g. conflicts between players, manager, fans etc.)
  3. Team’s Motivation – consider time and circumstances of the fixture. Is a team playing for the title, promotion/relegation? Or are the players thinking about not getting injured to play in a cup final or some other important match very soon? Or maybe they have nothing to play for at the end of the season?
  4. Odds movements & money volumes – be careful when the odds look too good to be true or when the money is backing the opposite score/outcome. Corruption in sports is present and with a bit of experience, you will be able to spot some irregular patterns.

Best of luck!

Share your experiences and knowledge of Hockey Under AH Goals Lines markets in the comments section below.



Hockey – Full Time Asian Handicap Under Goals Stats Guide

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