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Find the best stats for your Basketball FTOT Under AH Points bets and trades in seconds!

No need to check hundreds of stats manually looking for the best selections anymore!

    Basketball under/over Asian Handicap betting markets don’t have fixed u/o points lines. For example for Full Time Including Over Time (FTOT) under/over points lines can be as low as 145.5 or as high as 204.5. That makes it extra tricky to keep track and find good statistics for those markets as those lines are pretty much different every match. We believe that we have found a good model which calculates % of matches finishing in given stats (e.g. under/over) based on Asian Handicap Even Money line (e.g. 2.00). The under points stats below will be based on those lines and not any fixed lines as it is used in football (e.g. under/over 3.5 goals). See our guides section for more explanations and further examples of how we calculate our stats.

    About our stats

    • Stats Updates

      We update our Basketball stats twice per day: around 7 pm and 7 am UK time.

    • Odds

      We download the odds only once when updating the stats. They will likely change until the kick-off.

    • No Friendlies

      We don't include friendly matches in the stats calculations.

    • Sorting & Filtering

      Find the best selections by using sorting and filtering buttons in the tables

    • Free Content

      The Lower Leagues stats are FREE after unlocking with social media buttons

    • Premium Content

      The Main Leagues Stats are included in paid membership options.

    Stats headers

    For every sport and stats category, we calculate and display the % of the following: 

    • HL20 – Home Team’s last 20 matches
    • HL10H – Home Team’s last 10 matches at Home
    • HL6 – Home Team’s last 6 matches
    • AL20 – Away Team’s last 20 matches
    • AL10A – Away Team’s last 10 away matches
    • AL6 – Away Team’s last 6 matches
    • AVG – Average of all the above items.
    • H2H No – Number of Head 2 Head matches (max last 8 meetings)
    • H2H % – Percentage of matches finishing in the given outcome in the H2H meetings

    Filters, Sorting & Buttons

    For your convenience:

    • Use the provided checkbox and text filters to narrow down the results to what data you need.
    • Click on top of the headers to sort the stats by selected columns.
    • Use the buttons to reset filters or download data to excel and other file formats.


    Stats are great, but may not be enough to scoop all those winners. Who needs stats, if the star players are rested, the whole team has food poisoning or there is a downpour forecasted for the kick-off time?! Do your homework and results will follow.

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